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What We Do

Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century.

However, before you expect your people, teams, and organizations to learn anything, you have to give them the insights, tools, and competencies to be able to learn, embrace challenges, or overcome resistance to change.

Designing Talent does just that – it serves as a foundation of learning and growth – no matter which area you want to improve in.

At Designing Talent for Schools, we give teachers all they need to learn to master the classroom of the future.

Our Trainings

Mastering the Classroom of the Future

Want to learn how to leverage tech and existing teaching methodologies to create an engaging and interactive learning experience in your hybrid and remote classrooms? This is the training for you.

Format: Two days of in-person training (with the option to attend remotely) plus five 90-minute weekly sessions

Cost: $ 1680

Optional Train-the-Trainer Certification Add-On Available.

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Custom School Program

Looking to excel in this new era of education? Be a trailblazer! Bring a customized program to your school!

Format: tailored to the individual interests and needs of your school.

Can be combined with the “Mastering the Classroom of the Future” program

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About Us

Designing Talent Inc. is a training and talent development company with offices in Boston and Munich. We offer a new and unique framework for leadership and talent development that puts learning, creative problem-solving, and, ultimately, performance at its core. Using the Design Thinking-based ACE process and our simple yet highly effective tools, we help people address their challenges, learn to be creative in finding the right solutions, track their progress, and evaluate results. 

In 2020, we launched Designing Talent for Schools. As educators across the globe face an entirely new set of challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are giving them access to one of the leading methodologies to tackle these challenges and find new solutions: Our programs prepare teachers and their schools for an unprecedented school year by empowering them to turn their challenges into opportunities, giving them all the knowledge, tools, and practice they need to master the digital classroom and design the future of learning together with their students.

More about Designing Talent Inc. at designigtalent.com.

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