the Classroom
of the Future


Mastering the Classroom of the Future is a professional development program designed to equip teachers with all the skills they need to run compelling hybrid and online lessons.

  • Five weekly 90-minute sessions plus a 2-day in-person session (if you don´t feel comfortable attending in-person you can join online for these 2 days)
  • Next Available Program Start Date: Wednesday, November 18, 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (first online session)
  • Program Cost: $ 1,680
  • Optional Train-the-Trainer certification module upon completion

Program Description

With remote learning, many of the tools we have used in the past (visual aids, small group instruction, audio cues, etc.) seem difficult or impossible to implement, and we can be left feeling like we could have given our students more. However, your well-crafted lessons and the routines and rituals that make you successful teachers CAN be adapted to the digital classroom.

After all, we believe that technology, however sophisticated, should serve one goal: magnifying your strengths as a teacher to the benefit of your students. This course will help you to build mastery in using technology tailored to the hybrid and remote teaching models – all based on your personal and professional strengths and favorite teaching methods.

In each session, we will introduce a new strategy, with hands-on practice implementing them, from the perspective of both instructor and student. We will guide you through the various methods and programs we use so teachers can feel confident with their knowledge of how to manage students and present their fully remote or hybrid lessons effectively.

Join our program and teach with confidence again! Get ready to transition easily between in-person, hybrid, and remote models, so you and your students will always be successful in the classroom, regardless of your environment.

Upon completion, you can join our optional Train-the-Trainer Module and take what you have learned back to your peers to grow and excel in the digital era of education together.

Benefits and Take-Aways

  • Be introduced to tech options for remote and hybrid learning
  • Use a variety of technology and software tools in different learning settings (for teaching, homework, individual study etc)
  • Get professional training for how to teach on camera
  • Learn about the best strategies to simultaneously engage students both online and offline
  • Discover how to handle glitches and technology errors
  • Get plenty of tips, tricks, tools, checklists, and best practices for hybrid and remote teaching
  • Understand how to use technology as a way of amplifying your personal and professional strengths
  • Learn and apply storytelling and visualization as central teaching elements
  • Learn to easily use state-of-the-art software tools for student engagement, classroom and homework management, streaming your sessions, recording, and editing videos
  • Gain access to our learning platform’s tools, materials, and checklists to use in your classroom


  • Pre-work
  • Assessments “You At Your Best” 
  • Short lectures 
  • Team exercises with breakout groups
  • Plenty of hands-on application
  • Several training classes run by participants
  • Learning groups to optimally support each other
  • Optional: Supervision during real classes. Alternatively, participants can share recordings of their sessions.


Matthias Ehrhardt is a professor, executive coach, and entrepreneur in the field of learning and talent development. He is the director of the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development and CEO of Designing Talent Inc, a leadership and talent development firm with offices in Boston and Munich.

He has served as an executive coach, mediator, consultant, and facilitator for talent development, communication skills, and entrepreneurship at various business schools and universities for 20 years. Matthias runs talent development programs around the world and has worked with startups, VC and private equity firms, family businesses, and global corporations (e.g. Microsoft, MunichRe, Samsung Next, DAIMLER, KPMG, etc.).

In addition, Matthias has extensive experience in building up, investing in, restructuring, and growing companies in diverse industries such as media, training, manufacturing, and high-tech. Today, much of his entrepreneurial work deals with the question of how talent development can be customized, applied, and made sustainable through new technologies.

Talent development and learning have always been a passion of his. Matthias has a master of administration studies (M.A.S.) from the university of Konstanz (Germany), a master in media psychology (M.A.) from the Massachusetts Schools of Professional Psychology, a PhD in law (Dr. iur.), and another PhD in art history (Dr. phil.) from the University of Munich. He is an alumnus of IESE Business School’s AMP, Columbia Business School’s CIBE, and Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents Management Program (OPM). Matthias has attended IESE’s International Faculty Program (IFP), the Columbia Coaching Certification Program (ECI/ACI), and is a founding fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Matthias holds numerous certifications in talent development, coaching, and training (CPTD, HOGAN, Learning Agility, Emotional Intelligence, ATD Master Trainer, TKI, MBTI, etc.). He is engaged in training and supervising other executive coaches and facilitators and regularly speaks at conferences on talent development and coaching. He served as the academic paper chair at the Columbia University Coaching Conference in 2016.

Matthias has authored several books and multiple articles for well-known newspapers and journals. His publications include “Stories are Bridges From One Mind To Another” (Columbia Coaching Conference 2016) and the “ABC of narrative” (2017), a model for the use of narrative theory for executive coaching which he presented at the CoachX series by the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Matthias has studied and worked in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the US.  He lives in Boston, MA.

Verena Lauffs serves as a trainer and coach for students and adults. She loves working with people of all ages, helping them discover their strengths and empowering them to apply their talents to the best possible use.

She graduated from the University of Goettingen in Germany with a teacher´s degree in English and Political Science. Verena started her career as Public Affairs and PR Consultant with a core focus on family and education policy and digitization. After several years, Verena decided to resume her work in the education sector and became a certified coach and trainer.

In 2016 she joined the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development and has been involved in the research and design of numerous learning concepts and programs ever since.

Verena is a mother of three teenage kids and truly enjoys – alongside her work – exploring the outdoors, music, and sports.

Peter Leary is an educator with a passion for sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Currently, he teaches his 4th graders Math and Science, and his colleagues how to navigate remote learning, and set up and troubleshoot virtual classrooms. He is well versed in the challenges remote and hybrid schools face, and as the staff representative in his school’s technology committee, he has overseen network upgrades, security, and the formatting and distribution of tablets and chromebooks to his students. He is a consummate techie, and builds custom PCs and streams during his spare time. He does unplug when needed, and enjoys backpacking, climbing, and hiking in the White Mountains of NH to recharge himself.

 He started his college education in Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University, then transferred and graduated from UNH with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology. While tutoring his classmates in organic chemistry, he found he loved teaching far more than work in the lab, so he took an entry level paraprofessional position and never looked back. Since then, he has worked with students at pre-k, elementary, middle, and high school levels. He is eager to help show his fellow teachers how to leverage their existing skill sets so they adapt successfully to the remote learning environment. 


For further information, please contact Verena Lauffs

T: 857 777 888 0

Optional Train-the-Trainer Certification Add-On

  • Obtain guidelines for how to supervise and support others as you train them in the Mastering the Classroom of the Future methodology
  • Get access to a special exclusive platform with slidedecks, tools, tips, and instructions
  • Be trained on delivering our signature “You at Your best” and “Digital Readiness” assessments (introduction, administration, debriefing, using assessments as a learning tool)
  • Become a “Certified Mastering the Classroom of the Future Trainer”
  • Structure: Three 90-minute sessions plus 1-day on-site training (remote participation possible)
  • Cost $ 980
  • Application during “Mastering the Classroom of the Future” program