for Schools


This program is designed for schools that want to offer their teachers the opportunity to “dive deeper”, providing more time to learn, practice, and hone their skills. This program includes more assessments, more tools, and more supervision as we progress through the program.

We will collaborate with school stakeholders to design the curriculum, leveraging each other’s unique knowledge, expertise, and experiences in this new era for education.

In terms of program length, programs can start at a one-day intensive and grow from there to meet your specific needs and interests.


Possible Modules

  • Teaching, Tech, and Talent Development – An Introduction for Schools
  • Custom Assessments: Digital Readiness Assessment and You at Your Best Assessment
  • Personalized Teaching with Tech Learning Plan
  • Lectures, Team Exercises, Breakout Groups, Cross-Subject Teacher Collaborations
  • Camera Training
  • Feedback and Peer Supervision
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Full Teaching with Tech Learning Summary and Next Steps for Continued Development

Further Information

For further information, please contact

Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt, or

Verena Lauffs,

T: 857 777 888 0